Graphic Design Services

Other than casting services, Momentos offer a variety of complimentary graphic designs as we want the end product to be as beautiful as it can be.

As parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to capture a beautiful shot of our child or how some kids just feel awkward in a studio. So instead of forcing them into a studio, let them play with toys in a natural environment and snap some candid pictures of them having fun.

Choose the image that you love the most and let our professional team of designers work their magic and bring the best out of the picture. Below are just some of the before and after pictures to give you a little preview of what you can expect from our talented team of designers.

Digital Oil Painting

Our team of graphic designers will be able to digitise an image and remove the background so that the main focus will be on the child instead. 


Graphic Design Singapore - Before             Graphic Design Singapore - After


Graphic Design Services Singapore - Before             Graphic Design Services Singapore - After



You can also use our complimentary typography services to include any information you want to share about your little one. All you need to do is to furnish us with the image, information and colour theme and we will do the rest. 


Singapore Graphic Design - After


3D Baby Casting Typography


3D Casting Singapore Typography


3D Hand Casting Singapore Typography

Photoshop - Swapping Head

We also know that how hard is it to capture a shot of the child smiling at the camera. As such, we will also be able to take the "good face" from one of the images and photoshoot it into another image. 


Graphic Design Service Singapore - Before         


   Graphic Design Service Singapore - After   


Caricature Services

We can also help to turn your photo into a stunning caricature which is 100% original. Momentos offer professional, studio quality illustrations that take a lot of time (and love) to create. We will also be able to incorporate the casting as part of the design for the caricature as it is totally customisable and unique to the individual being drawn. 


Customised Frames 

Framing is one of the most important components of any casting projects. Poor quality framing results in loose, floppy prints that do not sit flush against the wall. This is definitely one area where you will notice the Momentos difference. 

All frames are custom made to Momentos strict quality standards and you will be able to customise the colour and configuration of the frames to include items such as ultrasound scan, pictures, umbilical cords or any other items which you can think of.


Hand Casting Frames Layout