Baby Bump Casting

Baby Bump Casting Singapore

Being pregnant is the most cherished memory a woman can have throughout her life as e
very pregnancy is different and unique on its own. Most woman wear their belly with pride for nine months and want to keep wearing it as long as they can.

It is the most symbolic and obvious symptoms of carrying a child and showcasing to the rest of the world that she is a mother-to-be (not to mention that she will get priority seats on public transportation, don't have to queue for toilet or people just miraculously move out of her way without the need to glare at them).

As much as most women will enjoy their pregnancy, they will not miss the frequent urge to run to the toilet or the fact they always have cravings for ice cream and McDonald's fries and they will be glad to finally be able to indulge and stuff their face with sashimi and finally quench their summer thirst on a glass of margarita. They can finally sleep on their tummy and back too! 

But one thing is for sure, most of them are going to miss their tummy when their precious one finally welcomes into the world. Nothing sits well as a tasteful artwork, proudly display on its own in the nursery and she can even have her precious little one taken in the belly cast during a photoshoot.

The whole casting procedure is not only comfortable; it is also fast and hassle free (seriously, the last thing anyone wanted is to be stuck in a clay cast, not able to move for hours.) It is also a great way to pass this special keepsake to her children when they have their own family. 

A three-dimensional plaster sculpture, using 100% safe medical-grade ingredients and proven methods to wrap her sensitive skin with a coating of lubricant and adding strips of wet plaster gauze gently around her third-trimester pregnant belly to make a cast. It does not take long for the plaster to set and once it does, it is gently and carefully removed to place it aside to dry completely in a day or two.

Now she will have a beautifully, classy and personal artwork, proudly hanging in the nursery where all her family and friends will talk about. Tummy will go away eventually (finger crossed!), memories will fade but her belly cast is a celebration of the pregnant form and a loving way to way of remembering how big her belly actually got!

3D Belly Bowl