About Us

At Momentos, we create ever lasting memories by immortalising precious moments into a classic and timeless heirloom for the next generation. Imagine being able to record every little detail and nuance of your baby’s precious little hands and feet or being able to encapsulate all the joys and thrills of your pregnancy into a sculptural work of art. 

We help to create a tangible keepsake for you to always remember these fleeting moments with. We want your grandchildren to look back and see how small and delicate their parents hands once were or how big their mommy's tummy was. 

If you have a special milestone to honour, momentous event to celebrate, or just want a fine-looking family heirloom to hand down to the next generation - Momentos will be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can bestow upon a loved one.

Belly Bowl Casting
Belly Bowl - A Priceless Heirloom That Last Forever

100% Safe Medical Grade Ingredients

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of your baby’s safety and comfort. All materials used for casting come from natural ingredients and are 100% safe and conforms to SPRING Singapore Consumer Goods Safety Regulations (CGSR). The medical grade moulding powder used are safe even for the most sensitive of skins and we test and use these natural ingredients on ourselves.

Charity Initiative

With every casting, we will donate a packet of nanoblock to the Pertapis Children’s Home because as parents ourselves, we strongly believed in the development of one of our nation’s most valuable resources – our children.

Capture Your Most Precious Moments Now

You only have one chance to capture these magical, meaningful moments. Remember, your baby will not be a little baby forever and your baby bump will be gone soon. It’s time to create a beautiful sculptural memento that allows you and your family to relive these most cherished and irreplaceable moments. 

So hesitate no more, and contact us now and celebrate the unique moments of your life with a heirloom for the next generation!