Belly Casting

Belly Casting

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Celebrating Your Pregnancy

There’s nothing quite like the joy of bringing new life into this world. People often say being a parent changed them because that’s when they learned to love unconditionally. And being pregnant is simply one of the most meaningful milestones in every woman’s life.

3D Work Of Art

Imagine being able to encapsulate all the joys and thrills of your pregnancy in a sculptural work of art. With our belly casting service, you can do exactly that. We give life to ceramics, and transform your baby bump into a glorious momento of your adventure towards parenthood.

Convenient & Professional

We provide home visits so you can do the belly casting in the comfort of your home, saving you the time and effort of travelling. Our professionally trained team of artisans will ensure a seamless and enjoyable casting process. You can further personalise and decorate your belly cast with meaningful quotes, dates and artwork.