Belly Bowl Casting

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Cherished Moments

Being pregnant is the most cherished memory a women can have throughout her life. Every pregnancy is different and unique on its own. For every mother, the journey into motherhood, being pregnant is absolutely a joyous occasion 

Time & Tides Wait For None

Since there’s no turning back the time, parents will do our best to capture fleeting moments. As parents, we take pictures, record videos, or even make a shadow box to relive those precious moments. But these options are only for the eyes, and are prone to loss, damage and deterioration.

Unlike photos and videos that are only kept in a digital storage device, Momentos 3D Castings are tangible and cannot be deleted from the memory. You will never have to worry about losing special milestones when your phones crash or when you lose your camera.

Priceless Family Heirloom 

Belly Bowl can be kept not only as a keepsake, but also as an art display by itself.