Baby Hands & Feet Casting

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Lost Time Is Never Found

Your child's early milestones are often some of your most precious memories, and we want to helps capture them in a creative and beautiful way. Remember when you first held your little angel’s tiny hands? Remember how cute those little feet were? Moments like those are so priceless, so precious you wish they lingered forever. If you’ve ever looked at old photos of your baby and wonder ‘how time flies’ – then you’ll know that gut-wrenching feeling of lost time and nostalgia.

Photos Are Never Enough

Photographs are wonderful but it will never be able to make you feel how you felt when you held your little angel's itty bitty hands. They will never give you a clear picture of how little those hands once were, or how perfect the shape of their fingernails were. Furthermore, all things digital run the risk of being obsolete with time or lost due to a technical breakdown. Imagine losing all your precious memories just because of a faulty hard-drive or when you lose your phone!

Timeless Keepsake That Lasts A Lifetime

Create a tangible and priceless keepsake for you to always remember those fleeting moments and record every little detail and nuance of your baby’s precious little hands and feet. It will even able able to captures minute details like the shape of their fingers, wrinkles, creases and even their fingerprints!

Personalised Casting

You can further personalise the momento with your baby’s name, ultrasound photo, first mittens, umbilical cord or any other artefacts that are special to both of you. When giving a personalised casting to a loved one, it's a keepsake that comes from the heart. A touching sentiment tailored specifically for them and created personally by you.

Convenient & Professional

Our professionally trained team of artisans provide home visits as we know how difficult it can be to bring your little ones to a studio, along with their mountain-load of stuff. We want you to just sit back and relax, and wait for us to do the casting in the comfort of your own home especially when you are still in your confinement month, saving you the time and effort of travelling.